Site Photos – edifcio marbela unit H


Date 2013-02-10


The floor area of Edifcio Marbela Unit H is about 1000 sq.ft. which is a 3 bedroom unit. The owner is a young couple which desires simplicity , minimalism yet maturity in the design. The design should also consider the needs of the infant and child in the future. The designer used color white, black, and cherry wood as the main colors in coordinate with stone and polished concrete that creates a sense of maturity.

The guest’s room was an irregular shape which makes the space hard to use. However the designer built a partition which could not only hide the alcove but also created a useful walk-in closet.


Building: Edficio Marbela
Location: Rua dos Pescadores
Year: 2012
Area: 1200 sqft
Services: Residential Interior Design